Hostel Life

The Bloombreed Hostels boast to provide beyond a home away from home experience for students. Our hostels are designed in a four-man room and a six-man room style with ample spacings to give the students adequate space for free movement. To ensure that safeguarding is top on our focus, we have separate accommodation facilities for Senior Boys and  Junior Boys. The girls enjoy the edifice that houses both seniors and junior students but on different floors. All hostels are organised on Year Group basis. Each Year group has a Hostel Parent that lives with them for adequate bonding, monitoring and effective supervision. 

Hostel life in Bloombreed school is very challenging yet very interesting as we work with adolescents to achieve set goals. The hostel life starts each day from 5am and ends at 10pm (lights out). Weekends are mostly for sports, leadership and entrepreneurial skills development, extra curricular activities, musical and orchestral skill developments as well as social skill development. 

In part of our home away from home experience, we go over and beyond to ensure that our students get the choicest meals. Students have to choose from a selected option of food at every meal and every lunch comes with a choice fruit or smoothie.

We also run a well-developed Sickbay and have residential medical personnel for easy access and prompt attention. Medical cases that cannot be handled in the sickbay are referred to our choice medical facilities–which are the best in the city. Parents get notification within 24 hours of any health complaint and are allowed to pick up their wards for further medical attention.

To maintain a high standard of discipline, we have a school counselling unit and a disciplinary unit. Bloombreed Schools has zero tolerance to bullying.

The purpose of the boarding house is to provide a home away from home. Our House Parents are amiable, thorough-bred professionals who serve as parents away from boarders’ biological parents. They provide not just the emotional support but also the academic support needed by students to achieve excellence. Our hostels are first class with air-conditioned rooms. The hostel life is always fun-filled with numerous  activities which make the boarding life more engaging and exciting


Our model of discipline is all about responsibility. At Bloombreed Schools, we value and treasure the uniqueness of each student. Therefore, we have at our disposal professional and seasoned educators at the helm of preventive, supportive and corrective disciplinary and remedial programmes both in academics and conduct. Corporal punishment of any kind is disallowed; meanwhile, our students are groomed to take initiative, be an upstander and be modest in conduct, appearance and conversation.

Our priority is to provide a safe, caring and healthy environment for every student.

Charity and Community Engagement 

As we look to the future, we understand the need for students to understand themselves and their strengths—for each student to have a sense of their own social and emotional wellbeing.

We understand it’s going to be increasingly important for students to develop the skills of resilience and perseverance. There used to be a belief that schools could not teach character, that kids were born with a specific set of personalities and dispositions. Now, as we understand more about how character develops, we know we can teach students how to be happy, how to embrace positive things in the world around them, and how to impact others in ways that are meaningful and engaging.