The school is governed by a Board of Directors chaired by Mr Mutiu Sunmonu (CON) and skilled educationists who have a wealth of experience working in international schools and have provided educational services to high-profile clients. Mrs Bola Njideofor serves as the Operations Director.  Mr Ahmed Kamal serves as the Principal of the Boarding campus while Mr Matthew Ogedengbe serves as the Principal of the Day campus. 

Board Members


Mutiu Sunmonu, CON 

Mr. Sunmonu is the Chairman of the Governing Board. Former MD of Shell Nigeria, he sits on the Boards of diverse companies spanning the financial, oil, and manufacturing sectors. 


Bola Njideofor 

Mrs. Njideofor serves as the Director of Operations. She is responsible for the successful running of all departments of the school administration.

Boarding School Management Team






Uche Udoji

VP Pastoral

Uche is an advocate of child-safety and a distinguished educator who gives every child the feeling of success no matter how slow the child is going.


Favour Nwakibea

VP Academics (Senior School)

Favour is a seasoned, tech-savvy education leader. She leads the process of education transformation that provides each learner an opportunity to discover and hone their potential.


Idara Umosen copy

Idara Umosen

VP Academics (Junior School)

Idara is an evolving education leader who supports other educators to provide exceptional learning experiences for students.



Deborah Donald

VP Administration


Emmanuel Gana, CCNA

Head, IT and Resources

Gana is a technologically-inclined individual who seeks to change the world through education and technology.


Day School Management Team

Matthew Ogedengbe copy

Matthew Ogedengbe


Mrs Affia

Lucy Affia

Head Teacher

Affia is an educational administrator skilled in planning educational strategies and approaches that foster consistent growth.

Felicia Chukwu


Felicia is a dedicated educational professional, committed to the psychosocial and academic growth and development of learners. She believes every child deserves a sound education and she has demonstrated versatility as an educator for  more than 2 decades.

Bukonla Maeba

Head of Nursery

Bukonla is a seasoned Early Childhood expert with a magnetic push towards children which drives and gives her the passion to ensure every child achieves the appropriate Developmental milestones.