Department of
Arts and Languages

The department comprises English Studies, French, Yoruba, Igbo, Literature and CRS. It offers students with a wide range of choices in IGCSE. For instance, the department prepares students for First and Second Languages and exposes them to the
components of Literature: Closed Text, Open Text and Unseen Passages. We operate a nicely blended curriculum that endows our students with multiple consciousness and makes possible what William Raymond calls ‘complex seeing’.


The French unit has been strengthened and students are taking up the subject in foreign and local exams. Students can now organize their activities in French, conduct
assemblies in French and send entries in French for the school magazine. Trips to Francophone countries and France have been initiated as an annual excursion to boost French language studies in the school.


The department mothers four clubs as part of an educational enrichment program. They are The Press Club, French Club, Literary and Debating Society, and Elocution