In accordance with the Nigerian National Policy on Education, the school runs a six-year programme. This is divided into two sections:

  • Key Stage 3– This spans the first three years of secondary education. The first three years are spent in the Junior Secondary School where they are prepared for the Cambridge Lower Secondary School Checkpoint, the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) of the Federal Government and the Junior Secondary Certificate Examinations (JSCE) of the State Government.
  • Key Stage 4– The next and last three years of secondary education. At this stage, our students are prepared for CAIE IGCSE, WAEC, SAT, and ultimately the UME for those who would proceed for their tertiary education in private Nigerian universities.


The Junior Secondary School subjects include.

  • English Language
  • Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Basic Science
  • Basic Technology
  • Social Studies
  • Civic Education
  • French
  • Christian Religious Studies
  • Business Studies
  • Home Economics
  • Agricultural Science
  • Computer Studies
  • Physical and Health Education
  • Cultural and Creative Arts (Fine Art, Music and Drama) 
  • One Nigerian Language (Hausa, Igbo or Yoruba)
  • History 


At the Senior Secondary School, students are prepared for the following national  and international examinations:

  1. WASSCE – West African Senior School Certificate Examinations.
  2. IGCSE – International General Certificate of Secondary Education
  3. UME (JAMB) – Universities Matriculation Examinations
  4. TOEFL – Test of English as a Foreign Language
  5. SAT – Scholastic Aptitude Tests

Department of Arts and Languages

The department comprises English Studies, French, Igbo, Literature and CRS. It offers students a wide range of choices in IGCSE. For instance, the department prepares students for First and Second Languages English and exposes them to the components of Literature: Closed Text, Open Text and Unseen Passages. We operate a nicely blended curriculum that endows our students with multiple consciousnesses and makes possible what William Raymond calls ‘complex seeing’. 

The French Unit has been strengthened and students are taking up the subject in foreign and local exams. Students can now organise their activities in French, conduct assemblies in French and send entries in French for the school magazine. Trips to Francophone countries and France have been initiated as an annual excursion to boost French language studies in the school.

The department mothers four clubs as part of an educational enrichment programme. They are The Press Club, French Club, Literary and Debating Society, and Elocution Club.

Department of Science

The department offers a wide range of science subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Basic Science, Physical and Health Education and Agricultural Science. We mother clubs like JETS, Sustainable and farmers Clubs. 

We have well dedicated, innovative and qualified teachers with excellent inspiring spirits, who develop our students’ skills through project works that encourage a systematic approach to problem-solving. 

Our students participate in projects, exhibitions, science talks, field trips and excursions which make teaching and learning of science practical-oriented, this adequately prepares our students to pursue careers in science and technology.

Our laboratories are well equipped to international standards to facilitate learning.

We prepare our students to participate in both national and international competition (Olympiad), and due to the ingenuity of our students, we are among few schools selected to participate in Nxplorer project 2017 to showcase their self-designed projects to solve our nation’s problems in the areas of food, water and energy.

At Bloombreed Schools, learning of science is educative, interactive, and fun. Think of science! Think of Bloombreed!!

Chem laboratory

Department of Mathematics and ICT

The cardinal objective of the Department of Mathematics and ICT is to promote the students’ enjoyment of exploration and engagement with Mathematics and ICT by  providing  them  with the necessary skills through various teaching and learning styles thereby encouraging them to become independent learners and challenge themselves continuously within the subject to become productive and successful members of society on leaving Bloombreed.

The department comprises of General Mathematics (Checkpoint/IGCSE/WAEC), Further Mathematics (WAEC), Additional Mathematics (IGCSE), Computer Studies (BECE), ICT(IGCSE) and Data Processing (WAEC). Our well blended and fully amalgamated curriculum and teaching aids from our Maths Lab enable us to effectively prepare students for the various exams. It is noteworthy that BHS is one of the few schools with the availability of a Maths Lab of international standard. The lab was refurbished and equipped with modern instructional materials and teaching aids by the Federal Ministry of Education under the auspices of the National Mathematical Centre, Abuja. The instructional materials and learning aids help in no small measure to enhance the teaching/learning of mathematics generally perceived as difficult by students nationwide.

The department is equipped with qualified, experienced and dedicated teaching staff. All members of the Maths and ICT Department are passionate about their subject and strive to enthuse, engage and challenge each student they teach

The department has lots of accolades in her archive. Amongst these are winning of gold, bronze and silver medals in American Mathematics Competition(AMC) several times, excellent performance in COWBELL and Olympiad Mathematics Competitions etc. The department has also undergone successful national excursions tagged  NMC Trip/ Abuja Study Tour at several times where students had ample opportunity to enrich learning experiences. The presence of the Maths Club gives students more opportunity to see that mathematics is fun.

Department of Social Sciences

The department consists of the following subjects: Economics, Sociology, Geography, Government, Civic Education, Social Studies, History and Business Studies. These subjects offer varieties of professional careers such as Economics, Business Administration, Entrepreneurial Studies, Banking, Investment Analyst, Management Consultant, Data Analyst, Financial Analyst, Market Research Analyst, Marketing, Archaeologist, Surveyor, Environmental Scientist, Sociologist, Real Estate Management,    Accounting, Criminology, Regional Planning, and Political Analyst, to mention but a few.

Social Science has implored a pragmatic approach in teaching her students by embarking on several excursions to firms, industries and agencies such as The Nigerian Stock Market, Dufil Prima Foods (Indomie Noodle), National Assembly, etc which are relevant to our field of studies in accordance with both Nigerian and British Curricula that we offer. No wonder we have enviable results in these subjects!

We implore all and sundry  to join us to explore the world of social science because education is incomplete without social sciences.

Department of Vocational Studies

The department, which is made up of Fine and Applied Art, Basic Technology Technical Drawing, Music, Home Economics and Food and Nutrition, endows the students with creative skills and helps to develop their innate talent.

Ours is an activity-based department. Students have a mastery of various musical instruments and can prepare various meals – local and intercontinental. Our Design and Make exhibitions offer us the opportunity to showcase our artistic as well as technological designs.

The department coordinates Design, Music and HomeMakers Clubs. We give imagination wings!

Extracurricular Activities

  • The Bloombreed High School offers our students the opportunity to become involved in any of our student groups. Our extracurricular activities are a crucial component in our vision of developing the all-round personalities of students. During their experience at Bloombreed , Students can participate in quizzes, debates, seminars and symposia. They also have the opportunity to hear from a host of guest lecturers who broaden the perspective of our student population. Key Clubs and Social groups existing in the school are:

    • Mandarin 
    • Dance
    • Press and Public Speaking
    • Photography and Graphics Design
    • Drama and Theatre
    • Taekwando
    • JETS
    • Music and Orchestra
    • Chess
    • Spanish
    • Juventus
    • Boy Scouts
    • Girls’ Guild