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Cultivating Character and Balance

As we look to the future, we understand the need for students to understand themselves and their strengths--for each student to have a sense of their own social and emotional wellbeing.

We understand it’s going to be increasingly important for students to develop the skills of resilience and perseverance. There used to be a belief that schools could not teach character, that kids were born with a specific set of personalities and dispositions. Now, as we understand more how character develops, we know we can teach students how to be happy, how to embrace positive things in the world around them, and how to impact others in ways that are meaningful and engaging.


FORMAL DINING: Our students, gorgeously adorned in their formal evening attires, are equipped with the best rules of civility at this specially organised banquet which serves to nourish their appetite for a top-notch dining etiquette as well as a well-nourishing dinner. The formal dining exposes our students to various dishes at local and international level while they get to savour the various enticing courses of meals served.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP EDUCATION PROGRAM: Innovation and creativity are germain to our build up of a total child whose consciousness is intrinsically directed towards seeking knowledge , skills and innovation for the betterment of the society in a variety of settings. Therefore we have selected the best of programs including vocational and STEM-based extracurricular clubs for our students' consumption.

CAREER DAY: We know our students on an individual basis and understand their career and academic trajectory. In order to provide them with a wider range of selectable projections suited to their academic and career needs, we have partnered with some A-list universities and colleges within Nigeria and beyond to offer professional consultancy services to our students in terminal classes. During our annual career fair, representatives of universities and colleges satisfy our students and parents' numerous concerns such as available scholarship opportunities, eligibility criteria, CV writing amongst others.

CHARITY VISIT/OUTREACH:: Just as we have ingrained empathy and care into the learning of our students, our corporate social responsibility of charity outreach to orphanages reinforces our belief in honourable service and conduct which are our core values. The benevolent donations from our amiable parents and sponsors rekindles hope in the lives of the children at various orphanage homes we visit.

DISCIPLINE: Our model of discipline is all about responsibility. In Bloombreed schools, we value and treasure the uniqueness of each student, therefore we have at our disposal, professional and seasoned educators at the helm of preventive, supportive and corrective disciplinary and remedial programmes both in academics and conduct. Corporal punishment of any kind is disallowed, whereas, our students are groomed to take initiative, be an upstander and be modest in conduct, appearance and conversation.


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