Science Department

The department offers a wide range of science subjects such as Biology,
Chemistry, Physics, Basic Science, Physical and Health Education, and Agricultural
Science. We mother clubs like JETS, Sustainable Development, and Farmers’ Clubs.

We have well-dedicated, innovative and qualified teachers with inspiring spirits,
who develop our students’ skills through project works that encourage systematic
approach to problem-solving.

Our students participate in projects, exhibitions, science talks, and field trips
which make teaching and learning of science practice-oriented. This adequately
prepares our students to pursue careers in science and technology.
Our laboratories are well-equipped by international standards to facilitate

We prepare our students to participate in both national and international
competitions, and due to the ingenuity of our students, we are among the few schools selected to participate in Nxplorer Project to showcase their self-designed projects to solve our nation’s problems in the areas of food, water and energy.

In Bloombreed Schools, learning of science is educative, interactive, and fun.

Think of science! Think of Bloombreed!