Realising that every child matters, Bunmi is able to relate effectively with people at all levels and of diverse backgrounds. 

Class of 2012 to 2016 Alumni 2012 To 2016 (The ground breakers)


We’d love to connect with you online through one of our alumni social media pages so that we can share your success stories with the Bloomers community

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We’re excited to connect you to our network of alumni (former students, faculty, and staff) from all over the world, who all share something in common with you     your time at Bloombreed Schools.

The connection between the school and our alumni should not end on graduation day. Even though you may have moved on, we hope Bloombreed Schools continues to hold a special place in your heart.

We understand it’s going to be increasingly important for students to develop the skills of resilience and perseverance. There used to be a belief that schools could not teach character, that kids were born with a specific set of personalities and dispositions. Now, as we understand more how character develops, we know we can teach students how to be happy, how to embrace positive things in the world around them, and how to impact others in ways that are meaningful and engaging.

Thank you for helping Bloombreed Schools become a leader in international education and making us so proud.


Keep Soaring High

We’re thrilled our alumni are pursuing their passions, making the world a better place, and serving as incredible role models for our current students in Bloombreed Schools.

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Humanitarian - Chung Li


Class of 2013

This week we talked with Senior Ram, Michelle about life at AISG and her impressive High School badminton career.